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Norahlux is a brand in Red Light Therapy founded in collaboration between healthlogics en SuperSauna in the Netherlands. Both companies have had health as their goal for many years and came to the same conclusion; Red Light Therapy is an important part of the future in health! As one of the first brands on the market, NorahLux has become a household name in LED red light therapy. Thousands of people are now familiar with the operation of the smaller lamps such as the Lumnia and many larger lamps can already be found in households and companies. Due to the reasons why red light is now becoming more important and more important and because of how red light is absorbed by the body, we have found that this form of therapy is a very efficient form that, unlike most other therapies, does not have to sacrifice more than time. and there is also an extremely high factor of safety.

Of course we have not only been influenced by our experience in health and infrared saunas, but there are also thousands of studies done by scientists based in what is called 'Photobiomodulation'. These studies performed on humans, animals and tissue samples almost all come to the same conclusion; Red and infrared light in the right form has a healing and strengthening effect on the body in many ways, from better skin to better cell function, which improves general health and releases more energy in the body. This form of red and infrared light depends on the light intensity ('irradiation intensity') and the presence of specific frequencies of light. What this exactly means and how it works is shown on the page Learn More explained in depth.


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