Ordering products from China is much cheaper, but is it also safe?

Many people, including myself, sometimes order something from China or another country where things are cheaper. Special sites have been set up for this purpose. sites for merchants and sites or apps for consumers such as ailExpress and wish. Below I will try to explain as clearly as possible the difference between just some stuff from china and stuff that can be dangerous. I will also use a very impressive video about a product that people buy for their health, and what the product actually is.

Which products can I buy from China without any problems?

Of course you can buy many products from China that you will not or little regret. Products like:

  • Clothing
  • Gadgets
  • Jewelry
  • Computer stuff
  • Phones
  • And many more functions

As long as these items are sold by a seller with a high rating (many stars) and the product itself has a high rating and good reviews, you run little or no risk. You often see that the jewelry is not of quality, but no one will expect that for those bargain prices. And so you see that clothes and shoes often come out small, but for that they add special schemes with the European sizes, and you often read in the reviews how well they are correct. Even phones from, for example, the real Xiaomi dealer including warranty are for sale. 

What are the chances of being scammed? 

With mainly electronics you sometimes see that they light up people, a power bank with almost no power, or a device for more economical driving that does not contain what is on it, as you can see in the video below. However, with most items of which you can check at a glance whether it is good or bad, you can see how much risk you run from the ratings of the product and the reviews. Most stuff with a 1 or higher is actually always fine. Of course 4.7 stars does not mean anything if only a few people have bought the product, the first number of stars will probably be from the seller himself.

I can buy the same Medical Device from China, is that possible?

Let me first start by telling you that a new legislation Medical devices will be in force from May 26, 2020, more about this below. 

A lot of very beautiful and good products are made in China, and a lot of toys. I will talk about toys separately below because I also recommend that you pay close attention before you give toys from China to a child. As the Netherlands had in the Golden Age, China has no copyright rights. China freely imitates everything and everything as they want it to. This has many advantages. Everything can and will become cheaper, and the wheel does not have to be reinvented so that Chinese companies can immediately make money from a new hype.

This means that sometimes you can buy a good product from China cheaper than in Europe, and that for the same money you also run the risk of putting yourself in danger. I would first like to show you a video about a hype among the Biohackers to improve your body with a simple product by means of the properties of the product. In the case of this video you can see that these products get their properties through harmful radiation from a dangerous raw material instead of a safe way as stated. They even fool those who have bought a measuring device specifically to measure the effect.

What about Red Light Therapy from China, all the same right?

There is a chance that now, until the new legislation is enacted, you can buy a red light lamp from China that is good enough for your therapeutic purposes. However, there can be huge differences from one lamp to the other that vary in effect between a very long session and need because the radiation intensity is too low and LEDs that are intended for plant growth and mainly emit completely useless light that can even be dangerous. for your eyes, and if they use LEDs with UV can even be harmful to your skin. Because there is currently no control over this, stricter legislation will be introduced on such products from 26 May.

Comparison of two used CE marks

Some of the tricks that the Chinese are known for are forging certificates and replacing expensive good things with cheap often dangerous options. Below is a video with comparisons of adapters (chargers) and the dangers. After this movie you don't leave cheap adapters in the socket anymore.


Especially to prevent harmful LEDs from being used, and LEDs with the correct irradiation intensity, and to ensure that no further dangers arise such as electro-smog (EMF) etc., they have our lamps made by a recognized manufacturer according to our specifications. Then we request test reports from the manufacturer that test with very expensive equipment, and we measure everything ourselves with our own special measuring equipment. For this we have, for example, a Spectrometer that measures the frequencies of light, a special meter for measuring the irradiance intensity that can also measure the invisible infrared and an EMF meter that can measure the electro and magnetic radiation. 

If you cannot measure yourself whether the LEDs radiate what is intended, and if they radiate useless light or harmful light, you run the risk of wasting a lot of time and even endangering eyes and skin. This makes the big difference in experience between a more expensive European Medical Device and a Chinese gamble.

PAR HPS Spectral Comparison

 This is an example of a grow lamp that will look red but has no infrared but UVA like a tanning bed, everything under 650nm is mainly waste

So what's dangerous about toys from China?

If you have watched the above videos, you will see that a lot of things come from China with a high risk. The Chinese do not really look at the harmfulness of substances and lifespan, etc. In addition, you also often see with toys that they do not have a European CE mark but a Chinese one, and there are many cases documented in which a baby or child is hurt or suffocated in detachable parts toys. These are simply things that are not considered there, unless on behalf of a Western customer.


Do what makes you feel good, but if it is about your health or your child, think twice and do your research.

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