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Normal amount: € 9.000,00

Purchase amount: € 7.500,00

SKU 8719326849737
Brand: NorahLuxNorahLux

Weight90 kg
Beam: 66 cm
Length: 174 cm
Height: 14 cm

Normal amount: € 9.000,00

Purchase amount: € 7.500,00

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NorahLux Sky height adjustable 1200 leds Pre-order

Expected arrival: Autumn

This new Heaven line has an electrically height-adjustable stand and is easy to turn. This way you can easily let your customers enjoy the light on a fixed chair or table because the height of the lamp is easily adjustable. With cheaper stands, the lamps can no longer be adjusted when they hang on the stand and as a practitioner you need a height-adjustable chair for optimal convenience. This can now be done differently! Due to the current circumstances in shipping, we do not have an exact time of arrival, and although we hope for a sooner arrival, we have already set expectations at the end of summer - early autumn.

De Hemel is ideal for people who want to treat a full body and therefore also ideal for practitioners in health or beauty. This lamp is therefore supplied complete with a height-adjustable stand.

More information will follow soon, or you can email or app.

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