Experiences with red light therapy:
After a period of two months with a session of 2 minutes with red light 3 to 10 times a week, I was able to observe several pleasant changes. First of all, my skin looks better and I get a compliment for that every week. As a severe heart failure patient, my BNP and GammaGT values ​​in my blood were far too high for years. Medically untreatable and irreparable. Now these values ​​are completely normal again. My doctor calls it miraculous.
Red light is also a very good way to increase testosterone. My testosterone had dropped to 4. Now the value has risen to the normal level of 12 mg / l! You also get a lot more energy through the treatments with red light. Red light for the rest of my life! "
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“I really feel a sense of happiness in front of the lamp and after a session I feel much more energetic.
When I look at the skin of my customers I get even more excited!
After a light therapy course, the skin is significantly softer and fuller, feels firmer, is more resilient, the lines are visibly less deep and the skin is better hydrated and more even. You clearly see enormous skin improvement. This makes it the ultimate pre and post treatment for the connective tissue massage.

I am a fan!"

More testimonials will follow soon!

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