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Blue light filter glasses are becoming increasingly popular and for good reason. Blue block glasses filter the harmful blue light that we are exposed to every day. This is not only better for your eyes, but also for your overall health and well-being. In the digital society as we know it now, various equipment has also become indispensable.

Just think of the computer, the tablet and our smartphone. Devices that produce a harmful amount of blue light. We are exposed to that every time we look at the screen. Televisions also produce a lot of blue light. An evening of binge watching may be relaxing, but that certainly does not apply to your eyes.

Would you rather not be exposed to the health risks caused by blue light? Do you want to be more productive while working with the computer and do you also want to watch television without experiencing headaches? Blue block glasses filter the harmful light you are exposed to every day. That's kind to your eyes and the rest of your body. How do blue light glasses actually work and what are the (health) benefits?

How are you exposed to harmful blue light?

Blue light has many similarities with UV light. In terms of frequency, these two types of light are virtually identical. Because we know how dangerous UV can be for our health, we protect ourselves in all kinds of ways, especially in the summer. But did you know that your eyes and body are exposed to blue light more often than to UV light?

This is because we come into contact with digital blue light every day. It will come out of a television, your laptop, the computer at work or your smartphone. Do you like to play computer games or use the computer for work? Especially then it is important to wear good glasses with a blue light filter. But how do these blue block glasses work?

How do glasses with a blue light filter work?

NorahLux blue light filter glasses protect your eyes against harmful blue light that comes from computers, televisions and smartphones, but also against LED lighting in the home or office. The different colored polycarbonate lenses represent different filter grades. This way you always offer your eyes optimal protection. You wear the glasses while working in the office or at home, but also while watching television, gaming or using your laptop, smartphone or tablet for example, especially in the evening and night.

What are the health benefits of blueblocker glasses?

1. Optimal protection of the eyes

Protecting your eyesight is important. After all, you only have one pair of eyes. Many people cover their eyes from UV light with sunglasses. But because we are exposed to blue light almost every day nowadays, wearing blue blocker glasses is also a must to ensure eye health. For now and for later.

2. Prevents dry and tired eyes

Dry eyes are not only annoying, but can also cause annoying infections, redness and irritation of the conjunctiva. Rubbing with our hands and fingers is a logical response to reduce dryness. But our fingers are a source of dirt. This dirt has the potential to cause painful inflammation or uveitis in the eyes. Blue light filter glasses prevent the eyes from becoming dry due to prolonged staring at a screen and exposure to blue light.

Excessive use of digital equipment and exposure to blue light can also cause eye strain. The blue blocker glasses from NorahLux have a positive impact on the strain on your eyes. They become less tired, allowing you to concentrate better during the day. The risk of headaches due to long screen time also decreases.


3. Promotes sleep quality

It has been widely proven that blue light negatively affects our night's sleep. Especially if we still use screens before going to sleep. We check our email or watch a few more episodes of our favorite series. Your body feels tired, but you still sleep restlessly. Sometimes you don't even fall asleep at all. This is because blue light disrupts our natural sleep rhythm. This is also called the circadian rhythm. By wearing blue light filter glasses, you can improve sleep quality. Especially if you stop using digital screens 60 minutes before going to sleep.

4. Reduces headaches

Are you exposed to a lot of blue light from computers or other digital screens during your work? Wearing blue blocker glasses is also recommended. Especially if you are sensitive to headache complaints. Exposure to blue light can cause headaches. For example, because your eyes become tired and dry, or because you unknowingly start squinting with your eyes. You can prevent this by wearing a filter.

Would you like to order glasses with a blue light filter from NorahLux?


Love at first light? At NorahLux you will find the best blue blocker glasses for adults. Wear glasses with a blue light filter with transparent lenses, or go for orange or yellow polycarbonate lenses. They are less fragile than real glass and provide your eyes with the best protection against harmful blue light. Wear these lightweight glasses while working, using your smartphone, playing games or surfing the internet. Would you like to order blue light blocker glasses from NorahLux and experience the health benefits of blue blockers yourself? Easily order your favorite blue light filter glasses online.

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