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Can you heal eyes with Red Light Therapy?

Soon I will write another article below with everything we can learn about improving or healing the eyes, but because there are currently many questions about a specific research, namely this one:https://pubmed.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/34819619/ I will first write a few sentences about what you can do if you want to start with this yourself.

Is a NorahLux lamp the same as the lamps used for the examinations?

No, not in this case. Our lamps provide much more power than should be necessary according to this research. In normal cases, our lamps are therefore not specifically used for eye healing.

The research indicates 670nm, is this in your lamps?

Yes and no. The LEDs have a bandwidth so that there is also a bit of 670nm in our 660nm (peak) LEDs. However, this is not important in my opinion because countless studies have shown that light in the red spectrum, including even the infrared light, has the same effect / function, with the major difference that the penetration depth is greater if the nanometer number is also higher. Orange at 630nm doesn't go as deep as red at 660nm and infrared goes even deeper at 850nm.


So it all sounds very technical, but that's because scientists try to be very specific and precise in the research and writing the conclusions. Fortunately, the application is a lot easier.

The Protocol

Although the LEDs we use with much more power are not harmful to the eyes, there are people who have such serious eye problems that they want to apply extreme caution around the eyes. For that, and to get as close as possible to how the research indicates improvement is happening, here are some things to keep in mind.

1. To reduce the light intensity considerably to the level at which the research is done, you can choose 1 of the 3 model options: Anywhere, Rhodolite or Rhodolite II. Because the Anywhere is the smallest of these 3, it is best to choose this if you are only going to treat the eyes / face. Why 1 of these 3 models? These models have a dimmer and you can dim the light to 10% of the strength.

2. Choose with the mode button to use only the red. NIR (infrared light) has no harmful effects as far as is known and also with our years of use, but the studies have shown their results achieved in the orange to deep red spectrum, so you can leave the infrared in front of your eyes if you want to build in extreme security.

3. Set the timer for 3 minutes. According to the research, this is already sufficient for results. You can always go longer later.

4. Do these sessions as early as possible at the start of your day. In the morning just when it starts to get light outside is ideal.

5. Keep a distance of about 30 cm from the lamp with your eyes open during your treatment. Despite the dimmer being set to 10%, the LEDs are still stronger than the stated irradiation intensity of the above study and because light quickly decreases in power with distance, 30cm is a good start to your protocol. Later you can always experiment with sitting closer and/or turning on infrared as well.

6. General final tip that is separate from the research: make the sessions a moment of relaxation. Healing and vision improve in relaxation.

Addition to point 5: The above study has a very low irradiation intensity which is simulated here in the protocol, there are also studies with positive results with a higher irradiation intensity approx.comparative with the same dimmer setting but at a distance of 10 cm. So you can work towards this or even start with it.


* If, despite the dimmed light, you still find that the light is too bright, you can first get used to the light with closed eyes for a minute or more. You can also move your head with your eyes open until your eyes are in front of the lenses that are not on (the NIR lenses), so the red comes in just a little less directly.


* If, after this protocol, you still want to get started with the rest of your face at a higher light intensity than 10%, you can put on darkening glasses (or sunbed glasses) + keep your eyes closed. Or if you want to keep the light out of your eyes as a precaution, it is best to skip your face for the time being and you can always treat the rest of your body without further effect on the eyes.

These tips are therefore mainly for people with eye problems or people who want eye improvement and either want to build in extreme caution or want to do as much as possible what has been declared safe and effective according to studies.

What else can I do to prevent and improve eye damage?

Tips regarding living/living situation:

Life is now covered with electrical (variants) of radiation. I like to call this one "The Invisible Rainbow". The accumulation of this radiation and the way we come into contact with it is often the reason for illnesses.

The quality of sleep is especially important:

-Do not sleep with your body and certainly head next to a wall with electricity in it (sockets, cables).

- Don't have any devices connected next to your bed. (alarm clock etc)

-Turn off the WiFi in the house at night and if your neighbors think health is important, preferably them too.

-Put your phone on airplane mode or keep it as far away as possible.

* An EMF specialist can measure your entire house at important points with equipment.


During the day; is not between the electronics (phone chargers, telephones, laptop, cordless telephones (dect telephones are disastrous for health) etc. Make these connections where you do not have to be between them.

-If the above is unavoidable, use power strips with EMI filters (mains filter).

- In general, avoid screens as much as possible or take as much distance as possible.

- Carrying the phone against you as little as possible, you can put it away, this is a priority.


Especially for the eyes: Blue light (the light from LED lamps that are white is also blue light) is very bad for the eyes and causes many scientifically recognized health problems in addition to bad eyesight. So use as little white light as possible, especially in the evening, warm light is much better. Only watch TV, PC, laptop, telephone, etc. with blue light filter glasses (orange or red) and/or set them to dark, to reading mode, to blue filter mode etc depending on what options you have on your devices.

Remember that outside the street lighting and the new bright car lighting, this is also harmful light, night glasses (orange blue light filter glasses) are a wise choice in the dark on the street.


Water and infrared are the (or 1 of the) most important factors of life.

The quality of the water in your body in combination with infrared is therefore important for your health.

Therefore, be outside as much as possible. Sunlight but also moonlight emit much necessary infrared.

Using the red light therapy lamp with red and infrared at full strength on the body, especially the liver / intestines area, is a sensible activity. For strengthening the liver / intestinal function as well as how infrared and water work together in your body.

Sauna or infrared sauna (all heat is infrared so a Finnish sauna is also infrared sauna in a sense). Not a requirement but a healthy activity.

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