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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Some brands have much higher values, is that important?

A: No, both for "irradiance" and "capacity/power" these numbers are not truthful. The first needs a difficult technical explanation but in short. There is a kind of numbers competition among brands and manufacturers and the light experts of the measuring equipment agree with us that the wrong equipment is being used, in fact, that ideal equipment is not yet available because light therapy used to be done with lasers, now with LEDs . Our years of experience ensures the right LEDs with the right dose per session. For the second, the power, we put the "consumption" for the lamps, which is the actual power. This is about 1.5w per LED. Some brands keep pushing a power that is not real, they do this because the chips on which the LEDs are fixed can handle more power. A chip can therefore be 5w with a lamp of 100 LEDs, they say 500w! while the actual power on the LED is about 1.5: 150w. We are done with the high numbers and are happy with the low numbers!

Why happy with low values ​​then?

Energy is now expensive, so the fact that the LEDs only use 1.5w is advantageous for the operating costs. The 1.5w limit is also there for a reason: burning hours! With this power, the LEDs last 30,000+ burning hours! Some brands even dare to say that these same LEDs last up to 100,000 burning hours. Years of trouble-free fun and no lies about numbers :).

Q: What is the delivery time?

A: Most orders placed before 3:00 PM are shipped the same day. Depending on DHL or PostNL, the package will be delivered the next working day. Of course we have no control over any backlog at DHL or PostNL. Larger models are sometimes double checked and collected by the post by appointment. This may take an additional business day.

Q: Are there shipping costs?

A: There are no shipping costs for the lamps within the Netherlands. For other countries there are shipping costs depending on the weight. Small lamps have 7 to 10 euros shipping costs and larger lamps are slightly more expensive depending on the country and weight. You can see this when completing your order.

Q: I can't find a manual, has it been forgotten?

A: No, not all models have a paper manual. This can be downloaded here on the product page. There are also short videos with explanations in the Video tab here on the product page.

Q: I see that only half of the LEDs are on, is the lamp broken?

A: No, the lamp has 50% visible Red light and 50% invisible Infrared light. You can turn on the Infrared separately by only turning on NIR, now you see a light glow in 50% of the lenses, so you know that this half is working.

Q: Do I have to wear protective glasses?

A: No, this is not necessary in normal circumstances. The infrared can even be healing for the eyes, but because the visible Red is very bright, we advise you to keep your eyes closed.

Q: When do protective glasses apply?

A: If you are light sensitive, for example if you get a headache from being outside on a sunny day, it is wise to wear protective glasses or to skip the face during your treatment.

Q: A treatment time of 10 to 15 minutes is indicated, but I also want other parts of my body, should this be done on another day?

A: No, the best effect is 10 to 15 minutes per area. For example, if you do your face first and then you want your body, you can do this one after the other. We also sell lamps that can treat the entire body in 1x and a treatment time of 10 to 15 minutes still applies.

 Q: It seems that the LEDs turn green / blue after a while, is something wrong?

A: No, some people see more and more green / blue after a while due to the bright light. This is only a temporary effect which returns to those who have this within seconds to minutes after the sessionpulls away and is otherwise simply safe for the eyes. If you experience this as unpleasant, you can either wear protective (sunbed) glasses or do not keep your eyes in front of the lamp.

Q: Isn't laser much better than LED?

A: In some cases maybe, but laser mainly has many disadvantages that make it unsuitable for home use. For example, laser is very expensive, has a very small treatment area and can cause burns. This is the reason that laser is almost only used by specialists.

Q: Why can't your lamps have multiple colors like some beauticians have?

A: Our LEDs are made to give a peak frequency with a lot of power that has been scientifically proven to have a therapeutic effect. This gives more guarantee of a quick positive effect.

Q: Do those colored lights not work?

A: The answer is, probably some do and some don't. We know with our LEDs that they always do what we want and with the power we want. The color LEDs emit a much less specific frequency and also with much less power. This means that the effect is less on 2 levels.

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