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Does Red Light Therapy work and do LED light therapy lamps work?

Conclusion at a glance:

Here's the short answer: Yes, red light therapy definitely works. It's also backed by a wealth of published research. Take it from NASA, the medical science community, and today's elite trainers and competitors: light therapy works.
Read the articles or get impressed by this database of 1000's of studies about light therapy!

Does Red Light Therapy / Red Light Therapy Work?

Light therapy, technically called photobiomodulation, is on the rise to become a popular form of therapy in the field of health. Many clinical studies have already proven this.

If you're reading this, you've probably heard about red light therapy and its supposed natural health benefits. You must be curious, does it really work? This article answers that question and more by exploring the extensive clinical research base of red and shortwave infrared light therapy.

Photobiomodulation is a form of light therapy. Photobiomodulation promotes the self-healing capacity of human cells. This is done using light with a specific wavelength and intensity. As soon as this light enters the cells, the mitochondria are activated. These are the energy suppliers of the cell. Activation of these mitochondria promotes the self-healing capacity of the cell.  The cellular changes mentioned can, in turn, lead to improving your health.

Light Therapy: Legitimate Medicine or Not?

NASA had that same question in the early 1990s and began to research the question. After discovering that the red light therapy activated the natural growth of plants in space, they began investigating medical applications for humans. NASA's findings showed health benefits with specific wavelengths of red light delivered by light-emitting diodes (LEDs).

Medical science has taken notice! As a result, extensive clinical research has been conducted over the past three decades into the various medical applications of red light therapy. The results are extremely encouraging for people looking for natural, non-invasive treatments for a wide variety of medical conditions.

The impact of light is most recognizable in the form of pigment development by UV from the sun or from a tanning bed. The fact that you can tan so quickly from light shows how sensitive the body is to these frequencies. You may be familiar with hair removal with IPL or Laser, so light is even strong enough to remove hair under the right circumstances. Other forms of light therapy, such as UV-B light therapy, have also been used for decades in hospitals and clinics.

phototherapy machine 1


How does LED Red Light Therapy work?

Natural red light nourishes the cells. A light therapy lamp such as a NorahLux directly delivers red and shortwave infrared wavelengths to your body with powerful LEDs. Emissions concentrated by special lenses amplify light. So strong that it contains a gigantic amount of energy. The positive effects of photobiomodulation are around 650nm and 850nm.The light of the LEDs cause photo-biochemical reactions in cells. The word "photo" actually means light: (Gr. φῶς, gen. φωτός (phôs, phôtós) = light). These photons of natural, therapeutic light produce a chemical reaction in the mitochondria of your cells that stimulate energy production and regeneration .

Photobiomodulation is painless and should not be confused with High Level Laser Therapy. This last form of laser therapy uses heat that penetrates the body. And that can be painful in some cases. The light used for photobiomodulation is much weaker, but strong enough to reach the cells of the body. In the article 'How does Red Light Therapy work?' you can read more about this.

LEDs make the difference

High-efficiency, medical-grade LEDs are by far the best way to deliver the specific wavelengths of light and intensity needed for optimal whole-body light therapy. LEDs are able to deliver a specific wavelength of light with high efficiency, with almost no heat. They last 25 times longer than incandescent bulbs and they are durable and unlikely to break. LEDs have revolutionized lighting over the past two decades and have made it possible for individuals to use safe, effective light therapy in their own homes at a reasonable cost.

NorahLux light therapy lamps use LEDs which deliver 3 watts each through a 30 degree (angle) lens. The frequencies of the lenses are 660nm and 850nm to meet the scientifically proven best effect of Red Light Therapy. As described above, the angle of the lens ensures that the light is bundled extra strongly so that the light is not lost before it hits your body.

lichttherapie leds lenzen

A major 2013 study of light therapy conducted by Harvard and MIT researchers praised light therapy for its

"non-invasive nature and the almost complete absence of side effects."Source: this study

The two main effects of Red Light Therapy are:

More ATP energy: Light therapy reduces oxidative stress and increases the production of adenosine triphosphate (ATP). ATP, produced by cellular respiration, is a crucial molecule that all living things need to make usable energy for your body. It is often referred to as "the energy molecule of life". This is cellular biochemical energy. ATP provides several positive physiological responses, such as increasing cellular metabolism, which stimulates the self-healing power of the body.

This means, among other things, more energy and general better health, which form the basis for all other physical promotions.

Enhanced Cell Signaling:specific wavelengths of light help create a better oxidative environment in your cells. This results in the activation of numerous intracellular signaling pathways, increased protein synthesis,enzyme activation and improved cell cycle progression.

Health benefits of red and shortwave infrared light therapy

Thousands of peer-reviewed clinical studies and studies of red light therapy have been conducted over the past 3 decades and published in major scientific journals. The evidence is overwhelming in favor of its effectiveness and safety, and the FDA has approved light therapy for the treatment of joint pain, wrinkle reduction, and many other conditions. [1,2,3,4,5,6]

Here is an overview of some of the most important, clinically proven health benefits of red light therapy:

Inflammation and joint pain

One of the main responses to red light therapy is a major reduction in inflammation and oxidative stress, with significantly lower joint pain. [7,8] Red Light in this one form of therapy helps reduce inflammation and improve cells, and as a bonus it improves blood flow which further promotes additional healing.

Remedy winter blues or depression with Red Light Therapy

Past years a number of studies have been done to see whether it could be shown that NIR (Near infrared light / Short wave infrared light) in particular between 800nm ​​and 950nm by means of laser or LED can improve the brain structure in a way that improves depression. Research was also done on multiple forms of depression such as Seasonal Affective Disorder (wind depression / the winter blues), comorbid depression, anxious (anxious) depression, and others such as more general mild to severe depression. Many studies have come to the conclusion that these forms of light therapy improve depression and that more specific research is required in the coming years. In the database above, a large number of these studies can be found under the heading 'Depression'.rood lichttherapie database

Image of the Depression Department database

skin, collagen and anti-aging

Red light therapy feels so rejuvenating because it boosts collagen production, which gives skin its elasticity, gives your hair its strength, and gives connective tissue its ability to hold it all together. [4] Numerous studies and research have shown that light therapy improves skin tone and texture, reduces signs of aging and accelerates the healing of wounds and scars. [1,5]

In the menu 'Learn more' you will find more articles specifically about the promotion of 'skin' and 'collagen'

Female intimate zone problems

Light therapy can also help with many types of vagina and uterus related complaints. We have developed the LiYoni especially for this. For more information where Red light therapy and in particular the LiYoni can help, you can read the following articles: Intimate zone light therapy and Light therapy for fungi.

Training and muscle recovery

Numerous studies and studies have shown that light therapy helps your body produce more cellular energy and reduce oxidative stress, helping tired and damaged muscle tissue to recover faster. [9]

Recent research from 2016, published in theAmerican Journal of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation, shows that the application of light therapy also promotes the growth of healthy muscle tissue, which naturally increases muscle size and volume, as well as strength. [4]

Ben Greenfield, voted America's Best Personal Trainer, also swears by red light therapy for his health and performance, in addition to sex drive and other specificmen related stuff. He wrote an important guide and answered frequently asked questions about red light therapy at the end of 2018 with a lot of good information, as well as his personal experience with his red light lamp.

Melatonin and sleep

Most people are exposed to a lot of unhealthy artificial light that disrupts your circadian rhythm and makes it harder to sleep. Red and shortwave infrared do the exact opposite and help protect your internal clock. Clinical studies show that light therapy also increases natural melatonin production for healthier sleep. [10]

Bulletproof founder Dave Asprey swears by red light therapy for healthy sleep and even devotes a chapter of his book on sleep,Game Changers, to using red light therapy for a better circadian rhythm instead of unhealthy blue light. An article by NorahLux about blue 'junk' light can be found here.

Safe, non-invasive and medication-free

Unlike most conventional treatments, red light therapy is safe, non-invasive, uses no chemicals or drugs, and is not associated with harmful side effects. Red light therapy simply harnesses the natural healing and rejuvenating benefits of a specific range of therapeutic natural light and delivers this focused energy at a higher level than the sun, without harmful UV rays. The lack of sunlight because we spend too much indoors is compensated for in a short time.

Dimensions for optimal handling:

Size is important in light therapy. The more area you can cover, the better. Full, even and consistent coverage provides optimal benefits, at least, when it comes to your general and overall health. (Read here for more information about which dimensions are suitable for which purposes.)

You can undergo light therapy at specialized light therapists or salons. However, it is often time-consuming to go to a salon and the costs will also add up. Why not choose to have light therapy in your own home? Time and cost saving! In addition, your family can also use it.

You can also see what your goal is to do light therapy. Do you want to treat only your face or your entire body?

Many clients will start with just the face but will later realize that a light therapy lamp can do so much more. That is why there are various sizes for sale so that you can choose the right LED lamp for your purpose. Depending on your objective, you can discover the benefits of the Norahlux LED lamps in just 5-10 minutes a day.

Scientific resources and medical references:

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